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          We, LIHUI specializing in manufacturing Temperature controller,SCR power controller, SSR, Indicator,timer ,counter as well as other industrial instruments .

          LIHUI Automation limited was established in 2008, we are a provider of industrial automation products, we've been dedicated ourselves to provide products with reliable quality and reasonable price. 80% of our sales revenue coming from oversea markets. we can provide private label service, custom developed service. Our major item includes, Digital Temperature Controller, Ramp and soak controller, programmable temperature controller, PID temperature controller, PID controller,Thermostats, temperature controller+Timers, Dual output temperature controllers. Solid state relays both single phase and three phase, SCR units, thyristor units, Power controllers, heatsinks, cooling fans, din rail clamps, thermal grease etc. Temperature sensors, type K, type J, PT100 , thermal resistance and all kind of temperature sensors. Rotary encoders, proximity sensors, capacitive sensor, photo sensors etc. All of our products comply CE standards and we offer 12 months warranty for all of our products. LIHUI is your best solution for thermal process and industrial automation application, products was widely used in furnace, food ,chemical , medical,packing, industries.
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          10 years experiences , based on your inquires, we can offer one-stop service sensors , controller and solution in different applications .

          NEWS CENTER


          Lihui Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

          We have set a number of targets that we seek to accomplish as an organization in the foreseeable future..

          Contact us

          Address :  No.358 Ledou Road Songjiang District Shanghai City China 200000.

          Tel: +86-021-57780983

          Mr.Li ( Director)

          Mobile: +8618017334949

          Email address :  sales@auto-controls.com

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